Very quiet

Sunday Feb 28, 1915

Walk Locre morning, fine day. Very quiet.


Expected attack

Saturday Feb 27, 1915

Fine but cold, raining later. Expected attack and attempted seizure of K(emmel). It didn’t come off.

Snow battle royal

Thursday Feb 25 1915

Shelling Kemmel heavily. Snow battle royal in farmyard.

Wilf is at the Royal Artillery HQ (CRA) at a farm near Mt Kemmel. It would appear that he enjoyed a snowball fight, under fire.


No diary entry Feb 24 1915

Wilf did not write in his diary on Feb 24

Wilf worked on the installation of telephone lines between headquarters and the trenches. The picture below is from The Illustrated War News Feb 24, 1915:

Spotter telephoningA big factor in our artillery “ascendancy”: A “spotter” telephoning

The artillery observer or “spotter” as he is called, telephones from the observation-post to the gunners the results of their shots and the positions of the target. “Eye-witness” on February 8 wrote: “A great feature of the recent fighting has been the accuracy of our artillery fire” and said that the British artillery had obtained an “ascendancy” over that of the enemy.