Indescribably lonely

Friday April 30 1915

Weather not only lovely but ‘OT. Lay in field, afternoon. Feeling a bit better. Developed rheumatism right shoulder last few days. Very painful.

It is indescribably lonely sans L’s letters ‘et sans L aussi’.


Rotten billet

Thursday April 29 1915

Shifted to Ward 4 in Convent in the loft. Rotten billet and grub. Lovely surroundings however. Up to Mt Rouge again.

Borrow 10 francs

Tuesday April 27 1915

Feel much better. Get up and walk to Reninghelst. See Tony and Jock etc. Surprise them. Borrow 10 francs from Tony, good old pal. Walk upset me. Feel very bad at night. Temp again high. Very miserable about letters, still without any.

Ypres 26 April 1915

Bad time to be broke

Monday April 26 1915

Feel rotten till about 11.0 and then get quite better thank goodness. Hope to get up tomorrow and go on ordinary diet. Unfortunately got no money for delicacies. Bad time to be broke. Temp 102 again at night. Feel rotten.

Thousand cavalry

Saturday April 24 1915

No better. Find can write only twice a week. Can’t get hold of my letters either. Wonder what poor L(aura). will think. Very disappointing.

Great movement of troops towards Ypres, including some thousand cavalry, English and French. Something serious on.