Saw Zeppelin

Monday May 31 1915

Four Aviatiks over at 4.0 am.

Pushed cart to canal bank with (communications) kit and cable.

Relieved at night by 18th Brigade. Trekked back to canal bank and marched thence to Ouderdom huts for 2 days rest.

Saw Zeppelin.

From War Diary of Brigadier Johnston:

May 31 1915: … After dinner I saw a Zeppelin for the first time: our people were shooting at it, but very wide of the mark: I am afraid it was making towards England.

First London House Hit in an Air Raid (from a review of  Ian Castle’s book London 1914-17: The Zeppelin Menace)


Chateau hit

Sunday May 30 1915

French attack successful, 500 yards on a mile front.

German aeroplanes very busy on our front. Chateau hit and burned down.

Digging out the filth

Saturday May 29 1915

Weather gets warm again. Busy digging out the filth (from the dug-outs).

Went over to Chateau in grounds but got tinned by Medical Officer who was after spoils.

Incidentally got shelled. Wandered round a few houses. Shrapnel falling thick and fast. Evening violent attack for a short while by French on left.

Germans caught Liverpool Scots and some transport outside dug-outs and zonked us for ten minutes with shrapnel.

Altogether an exciting day for a start.

Very cold wind, ugh

Wednesday May 26 1915

Being relieved tonight by 13th Brigade.

Quote “Third Div. will be sent to hold the line in the Ypres Salient where they so valiantly resisted the Prussian Guard in November etc.” (General Haldane).

After all our trouble, (signalling) situation handed over perfect. Tramped to Ouderdom, wholly done.

Slept out and weather changed early in morning. Very cold wind, ugh.