Spectacular scrap

Saturday July 31 1915

Germans gain footing in wood, but driven out again. Heavy fighting all day. Fierce and spectacular scrap at night.

Lucky old 9th Brigade, to go into Salient again. Can’t do without us.


Sky lit up

Friday July 30 1915

Stand to at 3.30 a.m.

Terrific scrap Hooge way. Sky lit up with bursting shells. German attack on Menin Road. They captured 4 trenches from 14th Div. Counter attack much too late and unsuccessful.

Germans used liquid fire.

Gott Straffing the Kaiser

Wednesday July 28 1915

Reeling cable and repairing.

N.F’s severely punished for Gott Straffing the Kaiser. German guns also found battery E off Dickebusche road. Sent over about 50 High Explosives.

Kitchener’s artillery having a severe baptism.

William Fowler, Battle Story:Ypres  (2011)  p.59:

One of the ironies of trench warfare was that the frontline soldiers often felt a greater bond with the enemy a few hundred yards across no man’s land, than they did with the civilians and politicians at home with their ranting and angry patriotism….the British would shout …“Gott strafe the Kaiser” to which the reply came “strafe the King!” A policy of live and let live often developed and moving fresh troops into the line prior to an offensive was in part to ensure that the attack was pressed home with aggression and drive.

12 months engaged

Sunday July 25 1915

Guide to Officers and men visiting Battalions. Very quiet, enjoyed my new job: “Now candidly, what would you do if a shell burst?” etc.

Walked over to see Tony at Y.C.R.

L. and I twelve months engaged, God bless her.