Enjoy my first canter

Tuesday August 24 1915

Can’t realize yet what I’m at, so appreciable is the change. And to hear these chaps moan at their misfortune.

Exercise with horses in the morning for two hours. Enjoy my first canter although I feel sore.

Walking in village with Tony and get sent sprawling by a horse. No damage.


A long weary journey

Monday August 23 1915

Heard at noon that I am to return to the Div. at once. Overjoyed at the prospect. The sun shines once again.

Had a difficult journey back. Over my knees in water down the C.T. (Communications Trench?) Sniped at from Hill 60 three times. Get extra nervous. Trench shelled at Zillebeke but I got safely back through the smoke and dust.

Had a rest and tea at Brigade HQ and then trek to R.H. A long weary journey but got sundry lifts. Fixed up in tents and sleep at last in peace.

Filthy little dugout, more like a rat hole

Thursday August 19 1915

Cheerful morning. Preparation to shift to Hooge – Hill 60 position. No more word of Divn and no Staff job. Spirits below zero. Detailed for Brigade HQ at Kruistraat. Arrive more dead than alive and have to go out after all to R.S.F. Battalion. Hell of a way to Sanctuary Wood. Shelled and shot at all the way. Arrived to find a filthy little dugout, more like a rat hole.