Germans pinched 150 yards

Thursday Sept 30 1915

Germans pinched 150 yards of trench during night and had it wired by dawn.

Counter-attack at 3.0 pm after several postponements. After fierce bomb fighting we managed to get back all but small unimportant position.

Huns exploded a mine on Hill 60 and straffed us for a few hours. Total captures in Champagne: 25000 prisoners and 100 guns.


Strange to see English civvies

Wednesday Sept 29 1915

Raining hard, of course it would.

Three French Divisions through German second line. Let’s hope they will stick.

Went up to New Yinlette (?). Strange to see English civvies about. Saw Helps. Captain now.

Papers full of the Gaff but no news of gas.

18000 prisoners

Monday Sept 27 1915

Feel refreshed after good sleep.

Up to last night, French in Champagne advanced along a 17 mile front taking 18000 prisoners and 31 guns. First Army captured Loos and Hill 70 taking 2600 prisoners. 9 guns. Enemy heavily counter-attacking there. French Army gained Souchey near Arras.

We attacked with gas

Saturday Sept 25 1915

Operation began at daybreak. Captured first line. 14th Div failed to hold on.

Further attack postponed, consolidating original front, north of Menin Rd.

About 150 prisoners. 4th Gordons do fine and capture gun. Report from 1st Army that we attacked with gas near La Bassee and making good progress.

Captured villages, and cavalry in pursuit. French capture whole front line in Champagne.

Working all day and night, very busy.

Disposition of second Army Sept 25 1915:

50 Div.
           6 Div.

                    14 Div.

                          3 Div.

                              46 Div.


                              17 Div.

                              2 Canadian

                              1 Canadian


                              12 Div.

                              28 Div.
British infantry advancing at Loos 25 September 1915

British infantry advancing through gas at Loos 25 September 1915