Startling appearance of Beefeater

Sunday October 31 1915

1 o’clock Mass. Great ceremonial, including startling appearance of Beefeater.

More rain. Visited our refugees and heard pathetic story of their home in Lille.


Bon supper

Saturday October 30 1915

Worked for Tomkinson.

N(orth) I(rish) H(orse) played R(oyal) S(cots). on our Ground. R.S. won 1-nil.

More rain. Bon supper.

De bon grub

Tuesday October 26 1915

Marking out football pitch all morning. Third Div HQ played Div. Train.

In first round of Haldane Cup. 4 Coy men in HQ team, who won 3-0.

Had tuck-in at Estaminet: “de bon grub” – great. Turned out of Hotel de Flandre with chunk of tongue (mim).