Had a glorious holiday

February 1916 – the only diary entry this month

Relieved on 5th by 17th Divn. We left for Nordausques midway between Calais and St Omer. Chalk, Smith and I attached to “G” office at Chateau Cocove.

Had a glorious holiday in an unspoiled countryside. Trips to Arduicq, Ardres etc. Four or five days snow at end of month made things lovely (for us).

About the 12th the Germans attacked the Bluff and captured it with 600 yards of trench. Poor old 76th brigade had to return immediately to lend a hand. Towards end of month German offensive on Verdun began.

Sad misunderstanding with dear L(aura). Safely put right.

G (“G” office?) fairly rocked with concussion of shellfire.