Rotten hole, nice soft job

March 1916 – the only diary entry this month

On the second, 76 Brigade made a brilliant assault on the Bluff and German position. 1st Gordons, 2nd Suffolks and 8th Kings Own led the way. The last made their name and captured small salient in the German line. Over 200 prisoners. Did the Gordons take any?

Assault carried out without previous bombardment, the first of its kind organized entirely by Capt. Congreve.

Billy Congreve's War Diary

Billy Congreve’s War Diary

We returned from Nordausque about 7th. Called in G.H.Q. office on the way. Rotten hole, nice soft job though.

Returned to Reninghelst in the snow, miserable hole. Felt splendid after the holiday.

Handed over the Bluff position to 151 brigade of 50 Division. Terrific German onslaught at Verdun resisted by the French. Heavy losses on both sides.

Preparations for a gaff up our way. Early morning of 27th five mines sprung under German trenches at St Eloi. Northumberlands and Royals charged. Former took two lines, latter held up on far edge of craters. One mine was 60 ft down, crater 100 yards across. About 3 Officers and 200 men captured.

18th Jaeger battalion of 246 Regt. (reserves) just come from Boesinghe. Marched into and interrogated at Reninghelst.

Heavy artillery fire all week, prisoners coming in in dribs. On 29th  Jerry and I, with two new men, go up to Walled Garden dugouts with ZH. YCR closes.