Things quieting down

Monday July 31 1916

Things quieting down. 55th Div. arrived on the scene. Preparations for relief.


Streams of wounded

Sunday July 30 1916

Attack on Guillemont and Guinchy in conjunction with French. 2nd Div took Guillemont but forced to retire.

Streams of wounded coming down.

Went to Morlancourt (map) and got some things from Raines.

Rats very busy

Thursday July 27 1916

Attack by 5th and 30th Divs. And portion of ours. Wash out.

30th Div lost direction.

Spent a rotten night in trench, unusually disturbed by howling of shells. Numerous 8 inch over Bronfay farm (map).

Rats very busy too.

Awfully mangled

Monday July 24 1916

Div being relieved by 2nd Div. We have to remain.

Discovered Spanswick at 35 Div. H.Q. Learned also of Raines C.Q.M.S. of same Coy.

In Bronfay farm (map) at 1 pm when 2 H(igh) E(xplosive) came over. Marvellous sprinting exhibition.

Violently straffed for half hour. Shell dropped right in farm among German prisoners. Killed eleven and wounded a lot. They were awfully mangled. Ugh.

Severely straffed again in evening. 3 tents blown up across the road.