Dugout doorway blown in

November 1916

Month of most awful weather. Billetted in BUS (Bus-les-Artois?) (map).

Two days up I.M. (?) dugout in Taupin trench with Eric. Very unhealthy up there too and worse coming back.

Up again in Taupin for the attack of Nov 13. Up for three days this time. Division failed to take Serre (map) chiefly on account of awful mud.

Tanks behind Taupin hedge overnight, but withdrawn. Dugout doorway blown in, but no one hurt.

Returned safely to Bus(Bus-les-Artois?), skedaddling past Euston Dump. Awful wind-up during stay in Taupin. No further excitement for rest of month.

Maps from http://www.worldwar1.com/mapsomme.htm :

Somme trenches 1916

Serre trenches