Confidence with horses severely shaken

Week ending Saturday January 27 1917

Picket line. Severe frost started.

Fearful out on exposed line before breakfast. Never experienced such cold. Temp several times 10(F) degrees. Boots frozen every morning. Bread and all grub frozen hard.

Rifle and squad drill each afternoon for an hour.

A week of disasters. Thrown off Cootie on Monday during cross-country canter. Off again early Tuesday morning on to the frozen road. Hurt my back. Kicked same day, luckily had two French books in pocket which took the blow. Fell same night on my nose and displaced it.

My confidence with horses severely shaken.


Organised a hunt

Week ending Saturday January 20 1917

Working in office, easy time. French lesson each evening.

Weather turned cold and a fall of snow. Very desolate countryside.

Discovered wild boar tracks and organized a hunt. Peter caught a young boar. We finished him off with a truncheon. Very nice supper.