Shelled by Fritz

Saturday March 31 1917

Two or three close ones again early. Walk to Dainville (map) with Finney.

9th Brigade relieved by 8th. Aircraft giving a great show in the wind and severely shelled by Fritz.

Incendiary shells on town, buildings alight.


Aircraft braving it

Friday March 30 1917

Weather unsettled. Some aircraft braving it and giving fine exhibition. Very noisy again, town again shelled. Four very close at tea-time. Put the wind up us considerably.

Went to St Joseph’s chapel in evening. Stations of Cross.

Dose of gas shells

Thursday March 29 1917

Awakened at 4.0 am by heavy bombardment. S.O.S. from Rt (?) Company. Terrific strafe for an hour. Felt concussion of a big mine somewhere. All wind on our front. A dose of gas shells at us about 5 am.

Rain later and quiet.

Great aeroplane activity

Wednesday March 28 1917

Lovely day, great aeroplane activity. Town (Arras) shelled all day. A dozen or more swift ones just at the back.

Went to duties at St Joseph’s chapel. Noise terrific, the place was quiet as anything when we first came.

Shirt fairly crawling

Saturday March 24 1917

Heavy bump on again, must be nearing a “do”.

Thrilling air fight over the streets. Our man down in flames. Another machine hit by A(nti) A(ircraft fire).

Horribly ticky in this place. Shirt fairly crawling.

Change to summertime at midnight.