Another plane down

Monday April 30 1917

Road shelled nearly all day. Another plane down.

12th Div. continue to attack Rifle Trench without success.

Rifle Trench – near Monchy-le-Preux


German deserter in during night

Sunday April 29 1917

German deserter in during night.

Another lovely day. Walked into Arras. Passed remains of Rietz dump. Fearful mess.

To St Joseph’s chapel for a while. Dinner of rabbit at Ninth Brigade. Returned to find violent shelling of valley and Cambrai road with 5.9s (heavy field howitzer shells).

Two planes down.

Scherl: Weltkrieg 1917. Aus den Kämpfen bei Arras. 15 cm Feldhaubitzen in Feuerstellung
ADN-ZB/Archiv/ I. Weltkrieg 1914 – 1918:
Westeuropäischer Kriegsschauplatz 1917: Während der Kämpfe bei Arras. Deutsche 15-cm-Feldhaubitzen in Feuerstellung.

Big bumps and firework display

Saturday April 28 1917

12th Div on left attacked in morning, gaining first objective but failing in second. Kept awake by violent bombardment. Heavy fighting then, all day.

Batteries shelled nearly all day getting very close to us too – wind up. Last shot a few yards from latrine. Austin on board, but luckily not hurt.

Don’t see much of German aeroplanes these days but hundreds of ours. Big bumps and firework display on left in evening.

Not a very comfortable position

Thursday April 26 1917

Warned for YCR (?). Left in light spring at 11 am (kit on cart and walked all way). Dugouts just in front of last YCR. More roomy but not much cover. Quiet journey up.

Rietz dump hit. Burned and exploded all afternoon and evening. Road and batteries around shelled, not a very comfortable position, surrounded by batteries.

Lovely parachute descent

Tuesday April 24 1917

A few shells in neighbourhood from long range gun. Awakened in small hours by explosion of one in square. Too close to be comfortable.

Nice ottoman to sleep on and pretty good billet. Office opened in luxurious place opposite St Jean.

Attack not going very well, 17th Div. failed altogether. With that exception, first objective secured. Watched attack on observation balloon. Lovely parachute descent by occupants. Fritz attacked by one of our machines and driven off.

Went to St Joseph’s evening.

18pdrs under fire – Battle of Arras 24 April 1917