Road shelled

Tuesday July 24 to 31 1917

Cambrai road shelled during evening.

Same place, fine weather.

Little shelling round about. Great aeroplane activity.

Arthur on leave so more work.


Still very hot

Monday July 23 1917

Still very hot. Battery shifted into road.

To Beugny for a bath

Sunday July 22 1917

Again very hot. To Beugny (map) for a bath.

Dud A.A. (anti-aircraft) shell frightened Appy and I.

Very clear and good views through telescope. Great aeroplane activity. Morchies heavily shelled during evening.

WWI Anti-aircraft shell

Air fight

Saturday July 21 1917

Heavy shelling of battery in next road. Saw several Huns through telescope.

Air fight in evening, 7 a-side. One of ours forced down.

WWI Telescope