Wilfred Sellars kept a diary throughout his experience in the Great War. Later his son, Pat Sellars, deposited the diary with the Imperial War Museum:


IMW catalogue 77-12-1

IWM Catalogue – Sellars Diary

The entries in his diary are being published in this blog, 100 years after they were originally written. Wilfred Sellars had Japanese descendants and so this site is also available to Japanese readers.

Use of Abbreviations

The diary includes abbreviations for terms familiar to Wilfred. Where possible, these have been expanded (in italics) to make their meaning apparent. However, there are some (eg P.S.C.; Y.C.R) which we have not been able to decode. We have contacted the Royal Engineers Museum and the  Royal Signals Museum, but they have no knowledge of the abbreviations. If any reader of this blog is able to help, we would be very grateful for any information.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Fascinating. I’ve been following his blog on a daily basis and am quite gripped. Having been friends with Wilf’s grandson for many years, I know there will be a “happy ending”. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel worried that he will be injured, or worse, by one of the many bullets and shells that are flying around.

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