Wilfred Sellars

Wilfred Sellars was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in September 1893. His parents were William Sellars, a teacher at Wakefield Prison, and Jane Brady, whom William had met while stationed with the British Army in Dublin in 1878.

The family moved to London when William Sellars moved to Pentonville Prison. The 1901 Census shows John William Sellars (Wilf’s elder brother) living at 7 Pentonville Cottage, Market St, Islington. (Market Street no longer exists but may have been near Market Road, adjacent to the site of the old cattle market.)

The family also lived in 80 Radstock Road in Reading, Berks when the father, William Sellars, moved to Reading Gaol.

In 1913, Wilfred Sellars worked as a messenger in Barnet post office where he met his wife-to-be, Laura Bowyer. He sent her, as a photocard,  the above picture of  the 4th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Wilf who was playing the bugle, wrote: Your ‘umble is centre of 5th rank with hat tilted back.

Sep 1914 Chelmsford Wilf Extract enlarged


One thought on “Wilfred Sellars

  1. Peter
    It would seem that the info I gave you over the GWF relates to another man – I replied before I came to your blog do you have his service numbers as I would like to check him against my database. I only have Wilfred in 3 Signal Coy RE and he is on the Pangbourne Roll of honour.
    my e-mail is john.chapman@purley.eu


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