Recalled snippets about Wilf’s war

Even though he was a great raconteur, Wilf evidently did not wish to reminisce about the horrors of WWI. There is little, therefore, that his descendants can recall. In conversation, however, the following disjointed memories appeared:

  • Since they had learnt morse code in the telegraph service, Wilf and Laura would occasionally use it at the dinner table (with cutlery) if they wished to make a remark that was not intended for their children’s ears.
  • The first time Wilf had been responsible for cooking in a trench he put the cans of bully-beef straight onto the fire, unopened.
  • Once when he had just connected a telephone, it rang and a voice said “This is the Prince of Wales”. It was. (Wilf refers to a visit by the Prince of Wales in his diary entry for 1 February 1915.  All the major members of the royal family visited the Western Front during the conflict. One visit by the Prince of Wales is recorded here.)

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