Wilfred Sellars: 1893 – 1988

Wilf standing on left; his comrade presently unknown  ウィルフ(左)、戦友の名前不詳

This is the WWI war diary of Wilfred Sellars (1893-1988). He enlisted in September 1914 and was active on the Western Front from Jan 1915 until August 1918. (His Lives of the First World War link is here.) He wrote an entry for most of his days in the war and these appear here day by day, as they were recorded, 100 years on.

A note for Wilf’s descendants and their friends in Japan:    このサイトは 第一次世界大戦に参戦したウィルフレッド・セラーズ の第一次世界大戦戦場日記を公開するサイトです。1915年1月から1918年 8月 まで戦場にいて、その間ほぼ毎日日記をつけていた。そして100年後の今 このサイトを通して初めて一般の人の目に触れる事となります。

In January 1915, he was ready to set sail for France …

Glorious time with L

October to December 1917

Returned from leave Oct 24th after most glorious time with L(aura). Took a long time to settle down.

Kept at Div H.Q. for a change. All Brigade men relieved.

At Monument (?) till about middle of December. Several visits to Tonies at Bapaume.

One or two bombing raids and one spell of shelling. One trip to Amiens, otherwise uneventful.

Quiet life on poor rations. Moved to better camp at Behagnes (Behagnies, map). Good billet but poor grub again.

Frequent visits to pictures and another trip to Amiens. Bust up at Christmas and splendid dinner on Boxing night in B mess at Campbell’s invitation.

One big bombing raid. Gotha down in rear of village.

Finis 1917 – and still another year – Roll on –

The Gotha G.V was a heavy bomber used by the Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service) during World War I.

Transport ran over my byke

Friday Oct 5 1917

Set off at ten am on cycle for Wizernes. Passed through Blendecques, advanced G.H.Q. and had a wet S.O.B. dinner (?) and drum up (?) on platform.

Entrained in cattle trucks at 1.45 p.m. Arrived Bapaume at midnight. Same old desolate spot again.

Transport ran over my byke so had a rough ride to camp at Barastre (map).

Shoved in a very draughty Nissen hut and perished.

Bicycle patrol 1917